Ultra performance and smart headlamps


Nature Trail / Verdict 9.5/10. Piom+2: a delight of comfort and responsiveness[...]

Esprit Trail / A challenger to follow. Some headlamps able to seduce the most demanding[...]

Trails Endurance Mag / Go'Lum Piom+ is the most accomplished headlamp in this test. It provides real comfort and meets the expectations of the most demanding sportspeople.[...]

Trail Session / An amazing headlamp which is for me the future “crack” among the packs.[...]

Running Attitude / I love it ! We wish long life to Go'Lum but with a product such as the Piom+ this can only be the case![...]

Wondertrail / The Go'Lum lamp is the ideal partner for outings[...]

Par 4 chemins / Robust body, remarkable lighting, amazing run time[...]